First timer

My first post, about four years later. Wow. Procrastination. My decision to do this now is not isolated. It is part of a new thrust on my part to simply get things done. Things I want to do. Like start a blog. Tell people about my new life in Japan without writing them all long e-mails. Read books I want to read. Listen to music I love, like or am simply curious about. Respond to e-mails timely. Remember birthdays and buy gifts. Mail things I want to mail…the list goes on. But I think this is a good starting point.

How could I forget–study Japanese.

I’ve only just begun striking things from the list, but, omg, I feel so in control of me. Don’t ask me who was in control before. But now, it’s certainly me. Being away from home at this stage offers a clarity I have never experienced before. Never. The first time I was away, I was maybe too young to appreciate it, and perhaps still too close to many of the things that were clouding my mind. But now, several thousand miles and a time zone away (I can’t verify the accuracy of that and will not be my compulsive self and research it), I am experiencing such a freedom from everything. And I am able to focus on those things that matter to me.

Well it really is just one thing, which I found a quote from a woman I had never heard about prior, to sum up- “I finally figured out that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” Her name is Rita Mae Brown, a writer. Something I used to want to be. Something I need to re-add to the list. Write.

For now, though, a few pics from my new life.

brand new second hand couch US$48
brand new second hand couch US$48
the inaka (country)
the inaka (country)
my car
my car

2 thoughts on “First timer

  1. Kerry, it’s good to see that you are settling in. I can’t imagine you in that car though πŸ™‚ but anyway…I am happy that a change of location has given you a new perspective…or helped you to get back in touch with an old one.
    I look forward to your posts.


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