Oh, it’s coming…

It’s only five o clock and already dark outside.

When I heard the town bell— yes there is one of those, it goes at different times in the day— I thought it was six. And even then I was saying it’s dark for six.

I just turned out the heat for the first time. Only thing is, this heat not nice and central. Is jus outta one a/c unit, whose (?) performance I’m sure is not optimal…

So I have a loong few months a head of me.

I’ve asked several times about the heat at school during the winter and everybody has pretty much said the same thing, ‘don’t worry, there is central heating’.

But today, Sunday, when everyone was at school for the cultural festival, a lot of people were obviously cold. So again, I said to someone, in the winter is it warm inside this school? Answer: Not so warm.

God help me.

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