Now what?

Coming home tonight, my friend asked me “So what’s your next project?” We were coming from shopping :-), but the big thing of the day was the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, JLPT. We both wrote the lowest level, 4.

We were talking about how happy we were that we didn’t have to think about studying tonight…and that led that the test is over, what’s next?

I really want to study Japanese. Out here, you meet some people who become these super study Japanese people, the kinds we would probably hate in school. Well, I want to become one of them. In addition that, I want to do properly in meaningful, fearless ways the only thing I have a clue about– writing.

A msn conversation from some time ago:

Kerry says: so today i realised i havent written ne fiction in abt 2 yrs

Kerry says: and i also realised that this job doesnt really require me to use my brain

Kerry says: jeez..

デイミオン says: start write a book

Kerry says: sigh

Kerry says: u have ne ideas?

デイミオン says: lol

デイミオン says: nope

Kerry says: 😦

So, I’m really going to go for it. Maybe not the book, but how many people get to live in Japan? Those who don’t would sure love to read about it, I think. So, I’ll start there.

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