All hail the kotatsu

So because there is no central heating in Japan, there are a variety of heating methods. One of the most touted among these is a table with a heating source in the middle.

The top of the table is removable, and you lift it up, put a blanket over it and put the top back on. So the blanket is flared over the table. This is a low table. And then you sit with your legs under the table.

One had been sitting in this apartment for a while and I had been telling myself that it wasn’t yet cold enough to use it. But, really I didn’t think it was that wonderful. Until today. Well really yesterday when I sat under one at some people’s house. Today, since red yeye tek me wen me go a di ppl dem yard, I finally did some cleaning, shifting furniture and such to make room for the kotatsu, from where I currently write this post. I would take a pic, kinda lazy to get up.

It’s just awesome.

Sometimes, if I ask a student something like, ‘what do you like to do in winter’, he/she says something like ‘sit under kotatsu’. I think that’s gonna be my answer to any question concerning winter hobbies from now on.

Other than the kotatsu, I have several smaller heaters, an electric blanket, which is warming up the bed right now, waiting for me and the aircon, which I’m trying to cut back on. Hence, these other methods.

So about three more months of winter to go. I think I can more than manage it in this very poorly insulated, old, kotatsu-present, apartment.

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