Mentally open-mouthed

Spent most of the day that way.

Suspect most Jamaicans are somewhere between that and a state of extreme rage.

Today I gave my wonderful ‘come to Jamaica’ powerpoint presentation two times. Apart from the fact that I’ve done it at least 50 times before, I really wasn’t feeling it today. Thank God the students at this school don’t ask too many questions. But after school, as I tutored a friend and she asked me about going to Jamaica, I had to tell her.

Now is a bad time to go.

I tried to explain. She deduced that Bruce and Dudus were “some kind of friends or something.” I didn’t see where she needed to be corrected. Her conclusion, after I introduced the word ‘corruption’ into her vocabulary and told her that the police were under heavy attack, was, “Like yakuza.” Hmm, like yakuza.

Bruce, who up to now doan seh d word Dudus outta him mout in condemning all the criminal elements.

This evening I heard a song on the radio by a singer I like. I was so happy I could understand the main lyrics. There are couple lines that Bruce could consider: “The you in the mirror, do you like it? Do you hate it?”

But him wi have plenty time fi duh dat after he’s been banished to wherever.

For now, I will tell anybody who asks about Jamaica, now is not a good time to consider going. If it were me, I’d want to know. When will be a good time to go? I don’t know. According to the state of emergency, the war is expected to be over in a month or so.

Soldiers heading to Up Park camp, Jamaica Defence Force headquarters, Sunday morning as the capital city was plunged into gun violence. (Gleaner photo)

Yes, it is my country, but it is what it is.

One thought on “Mentally open-mouthed

  1. I totally feel you … how can you explain to foreigners that likkle jamaica is like baghdad…lebanon! .. crazy aint it over one man dat says he loves the people of Tivoli Gardens…


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