I need to change the world

What am I doing for others? What am I doing for my community? What am I doing toward a greater good? What can I do to make the world a better place?

These are the latest questions I’m trying to answer in my quest to find my calling.


I happened upon some articles I had written in the past about some amazing people seeking to better their communities through empowerment or education.

Some of the articles were for an environmental agency and others for a development aid body. So these were people engaged in tackling issues such as waste reduction, community development, sustainability, biodiversity. The big stuff.

These people, to my memory, all seemed passionate or at least committed to what they were doing. And the necessity and impact of their work are inarguable.

So my new question is, can I find a way to serve interests outside of myself and still find great satisfaction and even enjoyment in what I do?

I think curating information and contextualizing issues and data play a huge part in arriving at solutions.

I think talking to people who are affected most by issues, talking to people who are working on solutions and presenting that information in easily digestible ways is something valuable that I’d find satisfaction in.

Wait a minute, that sounds like being a journalist, and I gave that up sometime ago. Well, maybe I have to wheel an come again. Maybe giving that up was a mistake.

I’m also convinced of the capacity of fiction to reflect the human condition and allow us a better understanding of ourselves. These days, I read more and I write more.

Maybe I’m just a wee bit closer to that elusive calling. And to at least trying to change the world.