a do-do poem

diaper, changing sheet, wipes
armed with my three-pack
i’m safe

except do-do don’t always work like dat
sometimes it just runs.
its own course
swiftly saturating all white space
super absorbent polymer my ass
flooding elastic gathering yellow
squeezing from sides
pushing past tape
sloshing around baby’s back
streaming down baby’s legs

waterproof changing sheet can put a stop to this
do-do don’t learn how to go through dat yet
but do-do know to make the baby wiggle at the wrong angle
and land where the sheet don’t cover

then wipes alone can’t help

soak baby clothes and bed sheet now now
in hot hot water
tackle this bright, stubborn, staining yellow
bathe naked, screaming, sleepy baby

fresh clothes
fresh sheets
put baby to sleep
change soaking water
wash stained clothes

do-do do know how to direct your day.